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Satu-satunya kapal pelayaran cruise yang mempunyai halal certificate di Malaysia

Pakej Pelayaran Cruise Rania

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Kapal Muslim Friendly

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5x Makan Sehari

Outdoor facility percuma

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pelayaran cruise
Port Klang
Singapore Port
Phuket Port

Outdoor Facility

Terms & conditions

  1. Prices and availability are valid for 24 hours and for the quantity listed on the quote request unless otherwise noted.
  2. Deposit 50% / pax upon confirmation except for sailing date less than 100 days.
  3. Confirmation of sailing 8 cruise check-in is subject to full payment as stipulated above.
  4. Subject to change of external financial factors , i.e. foreign exchange and cost inflation etc. In such instances, prices will be re-negotiated on the particular specification.
  5. Package stipulated above reserves the right to be modified and amended as deemed necessary to achieve the desired outcome in the interest of the trip.
  6. All payments must be deposit. into an official company account only as stated below. We are not responsible when transferred to different accounts.
  7. Full payment must be made 100 days before sailing date.
  8. Cancellations made within 100 days before sailing are subject to t&c resort world cruises.
  9. The refund process will be made within 60 working days after receiving the cancellation letter.
  10. Other terms and conditions as per in registration form shall also be complied.

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